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Why was Storm Survivors created?

On December 14th 2012 Ms. Branch life dramatically changed when her husband was killed in a tragic car accident. Through that tragedy, Ms. Branch started a nonprofit organization in 2013 called Storm Survivors.  Ms. Branch’s primary purpose of Storm Survivors is to inspire, encourage and motivate women to move through life disappointments by education, writings, speeches, workshops and spiritual growth. She felt like there needed to be a way for women to come together for encouragement, sisterhood and fun. She has been through other Storms such as being homeless, living around parents who were addicts, living in a homeless shelter, being raped as a child, losing her mother to drugs, teen pregnancy, but GOD helped her!!! Storm Survivors have adopted two programs, Harvest Hope and Christmas blessings. Every meeting they take up a collection for Harvest Hope. Through Storm Survivors they have collectively donated over 200lbs of food to Harvest Hope and adopted 10 people for the Christmas holidays!! They get together every few months to discuss various things that we can relate to through our daily lives and struggles. This group is not just for widows but all women!! Some of the events that Ms Branch developed were “Dare to Dream Bigger”, “Mending Broken Pieces”, “Fancy Feet Faithfully Moving Forward” and  “Holding On When You Feel Like Letting GO!” and  "Beautiful In An Ugly Pit!". On August 29th 2015 Storm Survivors hosted our 1st womens confrence. We had a sold-out crowd of over 100 women!! Anchoring Through The Storm womens confrence will be an annual event for Storm Survivors.

Reguardless of how it looks,

how it feels,or how

much it hurts we 

truly believe that the


will shine again!

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