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 "You are SOOOO

amazing and inspiring to

others its


Keep shining, keep smiling,

keep believing, keep sharing that light with others and SURELY God will bless u beyond your wildest dreams and others will continue to be touched and changed and encouraged by you simultaneously!!"



You were amazing!!

One of the things that I

absolutely love about you is

your strength...Your story

and victory is going to encourage a LOT of women!!!! I can't wait to see how God uses you.


-Moneshia Canteen-Murray


"You have been

such a blessing to me

and my family.

I can't thank

you enough"



"Its so refreshing

to be around a

group of positive




Storm Survivors

 ministers to the depths of my soul as a woman.

The words of the women who are a part of this ministry builds, heals, and inspires the women to become whole again. I was a woman who was labeled as infertile by physicians and lived with hurt especially by countless peope who always asked us," when are you going to have a child". This was such a storm! I was able to share to give others hope even when the doctors said no, we were able to give birth to 2 daughters.  Stories such as mine are shared among the Storm Survivors so we can help each other along with prayer, to get through the storm.  Each woman's storm is different but yet similar. We all feel pain but, we know there is hope for tomorrow and we know that we are Storm Survivors!


- Darlene Hines

I want to thank Cherisse Branch,

for the wonderful, wonderful Strom Survivors meeting today!!! I felt like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders!!! MY SISTERS WERE THERE TO HELP ME CARRY IT!!! I THANK GOD FOR EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM!!! THE SONG SAYS, “LEAN ON ME, WHEN YOU’RE NOT STRONG, I’LL BE YOUR FRIEND, I’LL HELP YOU CARRY ON, FOR IT WON’T BE LONG, TIL I’M GOING TO NEED SOMEBODY TO LEAN ON!!!” I just wanted to say thank you thank you, thank you, thank you, for being there for me, and may GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS. Cherisse, GOD has started a GREAT WORK WITH YOU! Continue to let GOD USE YOU. Love you


  • - Sam Wells




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