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Storm Survivors


You are a Survivor!!



We all have a purpose in life that we are destined to fulfill. Life challenges and storms can lead us off track. We start to focus only on the negative. We focus on the negative thoughts so long, the dreams and desires seem virtually impossible. The women of Storm Survivors help one another stay accountable and on track. We encourage, support, challenge and pray for each other.

Your storms are real, but you will make it through!


Renew  Regain  Refocus

"Storm Survivor"

"I was created, therefore I am!! Purposed filled..Destiny driven. You have been personally designed by an all-knowing creator. Born in a world of sorrow and hate. Some may not understand the predestined map that God has created just for you. They question your ability to endure such downfalls and come out scarless. Your defining moment was gracefully lead by an all mighty hand. The wind was blowing, the rain was falling and your life seemed to be turning up side down, but you ENDURED! You held on! You didn't give up! You came out strongerCreated, molded, tested, but you survived....You are a STORM SURVIVOR!!!!"

For my good -

Ms. Cherisse Branch

Founder/CEO Storm Survivors


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